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Welcome to our information page for Early Years Foundation Stage classes - also know as our Reception Classes; Dolphins Class, Octopus Class and Rainbow Fish Class. 

We are really looking forward to getting to know all of our new pupils for September 2023 - and we are excited to be meeting you all in the up and coming weeks as we begin our transition. 

New to our school? Below you find the links to some important forms that need to be completed when your child joins Bursledon Infant School in one of our Reception classes.  Click here for our EYFS policy. 


Autumn Term 1

Wow!! The first part of our Autumn term has flown by and we have learnt so much about being at school.  We have taken time to explore our new environments both inside and outside the classroom as well as learning all sorts of new things to help us along the way.  So that we are ready to learn outside we can now put on our wellies and coats!! Now we can investigate the wild patch, outside area and so much more....


Autumn Term 2

As we begin our new term we are leaping into learning all about Awesome Autumn!!! There are so many exciting things that we will be learning about in the next few weeks.  To begin our project we had a superb 'Pumpkin Day' where we were mini scientists exploring what a pumpkin looks like inside and out, we are sure that you will have heard some fabulous vocabulary such as 'flesh' and 'pulp', it was all a little gooey but truly great fun.  Our day took us on Autumn walks looking for signs of the seasonal changes all around us, we built a superb tractor to encourage our gross motor skills and created our own representations of pumpkins!  There has already been lots to celebrate, keep a look out for our next step into Christmas.  



 Christmas celebrations

We have enjoyed a superb run up to Christmas with so many wonderful opportunities for the children to learn songs, wear costumes, perform on a stage and create some beautiful Christmas decorations ready to sell at our Christmas market.  Our parents were invited into school to buy from the Christmas market stall that we created.  This was a great chance to practice using 1pence coins, counting to 10pence as part of our maths curriculum.  The children have learnt so much as we have prepared for Christmas and have happily talked about The Nativity and why Jesus' birth is celebrated across the world.  After visiting the church for our Christmas service we had a very exciting 'What's in the box?' day.  Octopus class found 'Captain America' in the box and we planned lots of superhero activities to explore for the day.

 Spring Term  1

We have all bounced back to school after our Christmas holiday and are ready to begin some extremely exciting learning entitled 'The Lost World'.  We heard that there was something very interesting on the field and found a huge nest with a broken egg shell....whatever could have left it there?  This discovery has made us want to learn lots of facts and information, the children have chosen to find out as much as they can about Dinosaurs by looking at information books, looking at images of different types of Dinosaur and talking to experts.  

We have also had the chance to learn all about Chinese New Year and how this is celebrated within Chinese communities and beyond.  Bring on the chopsticks in the Chinese restaurant, Chinese writing, the story of the New Year, dragon puppet making and food tasting.  We have had a fabulous day!


 Spring 2

This term our topic has been 'Down on the farm' and we have had the most wonderful time learning all about animals, where they live, what they need to stay healthy and how they grow.  

We began our journey by visiting 'Longdown activity farm' where we had the best day learning how to be mini farmers and take care of all the different kinds of animals that they had.  We had to carefully collect eggs from the chickens and deliver them successfully to the farm shop.  We also got the chance to handle tiny baby chicks and guinea pigs.  

Our trip to the farm was a great starting point for our learning and over the rest of the term we have worked with different materials to create our own farm animals such as clay mice.  During woodland Wednesday we then took our mice down to the woods and created a tiny mouse habitat for them to live in.  

Home learning this half term has consisted of growing our own sunflower, we now know exactly what we need to make it grow successfully.  In maths we have learnt to talk about height so we will be able to measure our plants the bigger they grow.

Easter is an incredibly important time in our school.  Visiting church before our holidays meant that we could celebrate together with lots of songs and thoughts about this special time of year.



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